Friday, April 2, 2010

Stop over in Paris

Today I spent the day relaxing in Paris and walked miles and miles
around this great city! Should have worn my back pack to get some
final practice in before we head out tomorrow!

I am staying at the Ibis Aeroport and will check out at 4am tomorrow
morning. While having my dinner this evening I saw 3 other MDS runners
checking in, and now it feels like I am finally part of the toughest
marathon on earth! It will be silly to say I am not nervous, and as
this is a family friendly blog, I will not be able to express my true
feelings! I am however, confident in my determination and use the
Afrikaans expression VASBYT ToT DIE EINDE, grind it out to the end!

All that is left to do now is run this mad marathon and bring that
medal home! My next post will come from the Sahara, so catch you all

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