Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The longest day!


Km 0 : Go East (bearing 99°) until CP1. Series of sandy ground with vegetation and more stony terrain
Km 7,5 : Deceptively flat uphill section as far as CP1.
Km 12,8 : CP1. Go North (bearing 07°) to return to the path which climbs towards Zireg jebel.
Km 14,4 : Start of climb up path.
Km 14,6 : Succession de montées et descentes sablonneuses jusqu’au Km 18,6.
Top. TAKE CARE! Follow the small track carefully for 200m to go down into sand. Series of sandy uphill and downhill sections until Km 18.6.
Km 18,6 : Stony path by the trees. Sandy downhill section.
Km 19,7 : Follow the wadi bed into the gorge.
Km 21,1 : Exit gorge. Go North (bearing 25°) and cross the sandy valley.
Km 22,6 : Middle of pass between the Mziouda and Ras Khemmouna jebels.
Km 24,6 : Sandy pass up small ascent
Km 24,9 : Stony valley
Km 25,6 : Top of small ascent. Quite steep sandy descent, then follow wadi bed.
Km 26,1 : CP2 at exit of the wadi branch. Go N/NE (bearing 19°) to cross a dried-up lake.
Km 29,5 : End of lake. Enter El Maharch gorge.
Km 31,6 : El Maharch oasis. Wells (solar equipment installed for the 2006 MDS). Follow the track towards the rocky peak so that you take the right-hand side avoiding the very stony fields situated to the right of this.
Km 32,5 : Cemetery on the right-hand side.
Km 33,3 : Rocky peak on the right-hand side. Go N/E (bearing 46°) until CP3 leaving the rocky terrain to your right.
Km 38,7 : CP3 on the left of Tizi n’Guidou pass. Cross Tizi n’Guidou pass.
Km 40,7 : Tree as you exit the pass. Go S/E (bearing 132°) to cross the clear part of the Rheris wadi.
Km 41,5 : Enter Rheris wadi. Beaten earth, more or less undulating, small dunes. Same direction (132°).
Km 48,1 : Area of trees (tamarisk). Crevasses on the wadi bed.
Km 49,1 : Sortie de l’oued.
Exit wadi.
Km 51 : CP4 at the foot of the dunes. Go along the dunes on the left-hand side, then cross the valley until Km 52.8.
Km 52,8 : Enter erg. Take bearing 120° to cross dunes.
Km 57,8 : End of erg. Cross Jouijel wadi for 200 m then sandy uphill section.
Km 59 : End of uphill section, top of the pass. Sandy descent.
Km 59,7 : Edge of dried-up lake. Take a general E/NE direction (bearing 60°) until CP 5.
Km 62,5 : CP5 before the dunes. Go along the dunes on the left-hand side, bearing E/NE (bearing 72°) until CP6.
Hilly and sandy.
Km 71,3 : End of dunes. Climb towards the small pass.
Km 71,7 : Small pass. Laser beam. Descend towards CP6.
Km 72,5 : CP6. Go North (bearing 8°)
Km 75 : Cross sandy wadi bed.
Km 76,2 : Touh Ilh jebel peak on left-hand side. Direction N/E (bearing 37°) until B5. Follow the course markings
attentively to avoid the crevasses to the left.
Km 77,5 : Series of more or less stony undulating slopes
Km 82,2 : Arrive at B5

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