Thursday, November 10, 2011


2011 taught me a lesson about Ultra Marathon is not as easy as it seems. I finished the 2010 Marathon des Sables in Morocco in 72 hours, and I thought that if I can run 250km across the desert that I would be able to manage 82km on a paved road, with as much water as I would like, surrounded by close on 20 000 other runners, and thousands more next to the road cheering on runners, pushing them on between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

I am not looking for excuses, but my Comrades Marathon race was over before I even crossed the starting line. A torn hip-flexor muscle that I picked up on the 16th April 2011 sealed my fate, even though I resisted the pain, the advise of a specialist, friends and event he running great, Zola Budd. I went into that race with such high hopes, believe that I can run a the distance under 11 hours, make everyone proud that have supported me through the the MDS, and my charity foundation, the Ernie Els for Autism Foundation. After 65km of running, I pulled out of the 2011 Comrades Marathon due to a badly injured hip-flexor. I got into a sweeper van, with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart, vowing never to run this God forsaken run again. Ever.

Now I am back. Back for the down run. With the believe that I will complete this race, the race of races, The Comrades Marathon.

Bring it. I will be ready.