Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 3 - 40km

Jebel El Otfal - Taourirt Mouchanne

0km: go w/SW until 9.6km to cross the valley

1.8km: sandy wadi bed. Mounds of sand and grass for camels for 700m

4.4km: relief on LH side, fine pebbles

9.6km: sandy climb up Rich Chouiref jebel. Go back down following the gorge

10.6km: end of gorge, sandy and stony

12.8km: CP1. Go S/W over stony ground. Aim for area of trees

16.2km: tree lined wadi bed then stony plateau. Go W/SW

21.3km: less stony

22.7km: start of Ma'der El Kebir lake

24.1km: CP2 in the middle of the lake. Go S until 30km to go around the field of crevasses and the calotropis forest (small tree)

29.2km: cross a large track

30km: external boundary of forest and crevasses, change direction go S/SE to CP3

32.5km: approach small dunes beaten earth

33.5km: scattered small dunes

35km: CP3 go S/E until the finish. Mounds of sand and grass for camels

38.2km: Marabout Sidi Ali bou Moussa on LHside

39.1km: samll chain of dunes

40km: arrive at bivouac

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