Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is it!

The Marathon des Sables 2010 starts today.

The stage today is 29km.
0km: go south (bearing 197 degrees) until 2.2km, not very hilly
2.2km: Mech Irdane jebel pass. Turn left in the valley, going S/E (bearing 135o)
3.9km: cross the stony pass then go E/SE (bearing 116) until you reach the next pass
5.1km: sandy pass
5.5km: exit pass. Go S (bearing 177) until you reach the group of palm trees
7.3km: group of palm trees. return to the foot of the jebel
7.8km: small ascent up the jebel
8.5km:Rheris Bridge. Turn right at the exit then go S(172) until CP1
9.1km: Undulating terrain, crevasses on the bed of the rheris wadi
9.7km: exit wadi. Follow the markings attentively to avoid the deep faults on the banks of the wadi
11.3km: crevasses
12.8km: enter small dunes
13.4km: CP1. Go S/SW(198) to exit dune fields
15.1km: area of relief on the LHside. Same direction (196) through mounds of sand and grass for camels
16.7km: way through small rocky cluster. Cross the valley going S(192)
18km: hilly relief. follow path to reach the plateau
19.4km: top of plateau. Descend towards the sandy pass bearing S (174)
22.2km: CP2 before the dunes. Cross the dune field bearing 194
24.3km:End of Aitoulhetan erg dunes
26km: sandy path, slightly undulating relief. Go S (176)
29km: arrive at B2 after wadi bed

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