Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It was a tough one!

Day 3 has finally finished and it was really tough today.
Adam had it into the bivouac in 10 hours 37 min - 20 mins before the cut off time for today.
He said that it has been really hot - he was walking across a salt pan and it was 50 degrees! The organisers have been giving out extra water as everyone is getting dehydrated. It has been difficult for him as other people around him are struggling - people being sick/fainting - but he has just had to get himself through to the finish.

Unfortunately for Adam his blisters have got worse and this has been the biggest challenge for him today. He said he was about 7km from CP3 when he just had to take his socks and shoes off. He just sat for a bit and then got his flip flops out and carried on to the CP where he got some treatment before carrying on. He said he just pushed himself on to the finish singing Shosholoza.

He will go to the medical tent now and get the blisters on his heels (which are the size of golf balls) and the rest of his feet seen too so that he is ready to start the long 80km stage tomorrow morning at 7.30am (Morocco time). He thinks it will take him about 20 hours to finish the stage so I will only hear from him again on Thursday evening.

He is getting all the emails and really appreciates them - really helping him through this challenge - so keep them coming.

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