Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Runner 383

I can not believe that D-day has finally arrived! 10 Months or so of training, saving, begging sponsors to come on line, blogging, on line fund raising, and covering the miles to ensure that I am ready for Morocco and the 25th Marathon Des Sables 2010. There is a overwhelming sense of pride I feel that I have made it this far and the support I have received from my wife, family, friends and complete strangers. This is for every single one of you!

When I decided that I`ll run this race for autism I knew that this would make this an emotional journey for me. How I under estimated how emotional this journey would be, I have learned how hard it is for families with autism to be part of society and fit in without being judged on your child`s behaviour. Autism is a epidemic. More children in the US have autism than diabetes and HIV put together. You have a 1 in 94 chance that your new born will be autistic, and this number is dropping lower and lower every year. I need your help to spread the word on autism, read up on it, Youtube it, support it by volunteering, making donations and providing equipment to the Dubai Autism Center. They really need our help. If you have not made a donation yet and would like to make a contribution, please log on to:

I am off to Paris today at 3pm and will leave for Morocco on the 2nd April 2010. From Ouarzazata we will be loaded onto buses that will take us on a 5hr 30 min journey to the first Bivouac which will be our luxury hotel for the next week or so! On this day we will also receive our road books, which will be very cool to see what the first stage would be like.

On the 3rd April all administration and medical checks will be done, and we will have the rest of the day to park off and repack, explore the site, maybe even get a game of desert cricket in and getting to know the folks around the camp!

From the 4th - 10th April 2010 the Marathon des Sables will be run over a distance of 250km, and each competitor will be self sufficient carrying all equipment and food required to finish this lovely race. The terrain will consist of Wadi`s, salt flats, rocky plains, desert dunes, and the occasional oasis! If the weather plays along it will be around 30 degrees and otherwise high forties should be in order! This is not a walk in the park, it is an adventure of a lifetime!

My blog will be updated by my dear wife as I will be able to send daily updates to you all keeping you posted on my progress and daily reports. You may also track my progress on the MDS website and use my race number to track my standing:

I look forward sharing my adventure with you when I return to Dubai and will have loads of pictures. All that is left now is to thank everyone who has followed the blog, made a contribution and supported and believed in me through this journey. Without you it would have been very dull.

All I now have to do is RUN ADAM RUN!

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