Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally made it to Morocco

We have arrived in sunny Morocco and had a great view of the ice
capped Atlas mountains and berber villages. It took about an hour to
get through passport control as this must be the busiest the airport
gets all year. Temperature is in the low 30's, which is way more
comfortable than the 10 degrees in Paris.

As we walked out Patrick Bauer was welcoming people and gave me a pat
on the shoulder and a ' Afrique Du Sud!’ Hope this is a good omen!

Sitting on the bus waiting to leave for the bivouac, another 5 hour
journey to our luxury accommodation in the desert. Rumour has it there
will be a 42km before the long stage and the big one will be 80kms
followed by another marathon. I think Patrick's real name is Jack
Bauer as he is a real sadist!

As we head into the desert I would like to thank everyone who wrote in
my note book and your words of inspiration will get me through to the
10th April.

PS - did I mention it is my birthday on the 15th April!

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