Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Raidlight bag on the way.......AGAIN!

So have have told you how efficient the folks here at the Dubai postal services are that they have sent back my Raidlight backpack after it was only in the UAE for 1 week without informing me that the bag has arrived. Lesson learned......

Sue and the chaps at Likeys have posted a second 30 L bag and this is on the way now. They will refund the bag as soon as it has cleared customs in the Uk, thanks for the help guys. I would recommend Likeys to anyone who is looking for quality and variety. My first order arrived here within one week with everything I ordered.

Tomorrow morning I am heading the the French Consulate for my biometric and hopefully I get my visa shortly after that. Once the visas are sorted I`ll start packing and get my running kit. I have a bit to do still, shoes need to get velcro for the gaiters, need to have my medical exam done and back to the physio to let me know when I can start trotting again!

Two weeks till I leave for France, this dream is being reality very very fast! I am as ready as I can be, will not let anyone down.....Thank you to my lovely wife for putting up with me through all this, I owe you a big fat holiday on a beach somewhere!

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