Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Dubai 92 HOOK-UP!

I woke up at 1am this morning wondering what the Dubai 92 team of Catboy, Geordiebird and Louise had in store for me during the Dubai 92 HOOK - Up? If I only knew......

We arrived early at the studio and from the moment we arrived I felt that today was going to be a very special day. At 7h30 a mystery guest made an appearance, Janice Lambert from Nivea and announced that Nivea will supply me with a goodie bag with various products to help me when I am Morocco, as well as treating me to a day at the Male Spa in Dubai Mall when I return back from Morocco. On top of that the MD of Nivea and his lovely wife decided to donate a return ticket to Paris that will help me so much. Thank you so very much Nivea!

At this stage I felt I was going to burst into tears and cry the biggest man tears ever, this last couple of months have been very emotional with the anticipation of going to Morocco and the reality of how tough this will be. Fiona was good form in the tears department and I tried my best not to look at Fi as this would have triggered me into a full on man cry!

My second hook up was also very special and I am deeply touch at Helen Barret`s contribution. Helen and her partner came in later and at this stage I could feel this will be a special next few moments. Catboy grabbed a box of tissues, and I thought to myself, what`s going on here......Well, Helen had planned a trip to Paris over Easter with her sister and partner, and after hearing my hook up yesterday Helen decided to come forward and donate Dhs 5000 that would have been used for her ticket to France. So in short, Helen gave up her holiday to help me with my Autism awareness campaign. I was blown away by her generosity and good will. Thank you so much Helen, I cannot thank you enough for this.

So thinking this is all over Catboy put Jan back on and revealed that Nivea will also donate a massive $6000 towards my trip to Morocco and the Marathon Des Sables!! I am speechless and humbled........ Thank you so much to Robert, Jan and the team at Beiersdorf Middle East for their support and donations. Nivea has been actively involved with the Autism Center and also donated Christmas present`s to the center! Thank you for supporting people with Autism and your help is greatly appreciated.

After this morning`s experience I will make sure I cross that finish line on the 10th April, no matter in what state my body is, you have inspired me! When I return from Morocco I will make sure I take everyone involved in this out for a really good dinner! You have made my day and your support will mean so much when I am in the Sahara!

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