Monday, March 22, 2010

These are the shoes that will take me across the Sahara sands! I have ordered these from Likey`s and they are extremely light. I have also gone one size bigger as this was a common tip I have picked up on various blogs from MDS veterans. The issue I had was to try and find a person here in Dubai who could attach the velcro strips for the gaiters, and so far no luck. Veronica knows of a guy in Satwa but I could not manage to find his shop.

I have gone for the glueing option and got some industrial super bond this afternoon and have attached the velcro to the shoes. I am stoked with the results so far and will post the end result once I am happy that the strips will hold! Fingers crossed, if I can find the shoe shop in Satwa I`ll also have it stitched as well just in case. Keeping sand out will be top priority to ensure your feet does not get any sand that will cause some serious blistering. Gaiters may look silly, but at the end of the day it will make a massive difference on how well your feet holds up and this piece of equipment is probably one of the most essential pieces of equipment.

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