Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shot Holmes, Lekker Marxie!!

For a very long time I have been a solo runner, and not since Sun City have I had a permanent running parter. My running partners here in Dubai have come and gone as the summers and sometimes distance became an issue. Mariana was my steady running partner till I moved out of the Gardens and I must say that Marxie is as tough a runner as I have ever seen. I believe that Mariana will complete a Comrades marathon as well as a Marathon Des Sables, and if I have my way the Kalahari Ultra!

In January we stayed with a good friend and ex colleague, Haydn Holmes. Haydn has always been famous for his objection to run anywhere! During our Beach time trials we had to run about 400m before entering the water for a 1k swim, so Hayd`s would wait till most folks are in the water before moving from the starting line and leave everyone behind in his wake......did I mention Haydn is a human jet boat.

Long story short Homer started running with me while we stayed with them and surprised me with his running skills and commitment. As with Mariana, Haydn will go one to run a few marathons and who knows, hopefully a Ultra or two! I would like to thank my two friends for getting me on the road on those days I did not want to run and inspiring me to work hard towards my MDS goal. I dedicate day one to Haydn and Mariana for their support during the training runs and I hope we cover many many more miles together!

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