Friday, March 12, 2010

First Injury

Over the last couple of weeks while I have been running with Haydn I started thinking just how lucky I have been in terms of my injury count. Over the last couple of months I have been lucky to be completely injury free......until now. A week ago we set out for a short, easy run on our regular route as Hayds was a bit tired from all his paddling. When we got back after the run I felt my left calve feeling a bit stiff but was not too concerned. The next day it was a bit stiff but again nothing feeling too serious.

Our next run two days later was a long run near the Palm Jebel Ali as we are trying to mix up the terrain a little bit more as the old run is getting a bit boring. I took the Raidlight and made it a heavy for the run. At around 8k`s I started feelign the calve pain again and at 10k`s I had to stop as the pain moved down to the area between my heel and calve. I walked back to the car and for the first time I felt some serious pain in my leg. This is obviously a massive concern with the MDS little more than 20 days away.

I went to see a physio and she applied sonar, deep tissue massage, electrotherapy and ice to my leg and it feels a little bit better. Her recommendation is not to run for 10 days, so I`ll hit the pool and keep an eye on how my legs gets better. I am not going to do anything stupid now and just nurse it through till the departure date. The rest on the legs should be good and I have my fingers crossed that this goes away quickly and that I have a great run in the MDS!

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