Friday, February 26, 2010

My Inspiration....

When things start to get a bit tough......I think of these guys. It is so easy to take things for granted, small things like waking up in the morning and being able to put a pair of trainers on and go outside and run for a couple of miles...with your own legs. It is so easy to complain about small things when there is so many folks out there who will give anything to do one more 5k, climb a couple of flights of stairs, go for a body surf and play in the waves. I am doing the 2010 Marathon des Sables for Autism and this is something I have been very passionate about. Throughout this year leading up to April I have decided to dedicate the run to three other people in my life that I really care for:

The first person is a friend I met in Sun City, a Comrades Marathon legend and a rock solid man. Marvi Sheehan from Durban, South Africa. Marvi is unfortuanately half Australian and it is not his fault, as he has been converted to a proper South African. Legend has it that Marvi trekked down Africa starting in Egypt walking, running and paddling a surf board over crocidile infested river till he ended up in the mighty Zulu Kingdom that became his home in Africa. I met Marvi about 6 years ago in Sun City and my first thoughts of him was that he looked like a skinny Santa Claus in lifeguard uniform! I have just recently found out that Marvi is undergoing chemo for cancer treatment. Through all this Mike told me that Marvi is still getting up every morning for his moring run and that he is still actively involved with lifesaving in South Africa. He is a true legend and I want to be like Marvi when I a bit older..... When I run across the Sahara in April and things get tough I`ll think of all the abuse myself and Freddy had to put up with the old fart on our long Sun City rude for this blog. Thanks for reigniting running in us all those years back Marvi, those long runs out on the Pretoria highway will stay with me forever my friend. One last thought on Marvi is the night he returned to the flat in Sun City after Cules was staying with him. Cules left early in the afternoon to return to Dubai and knowing that Marvi comes home at night,strips into his adam`s suit and heads straight for bed,Cules placed an ironing board inside the bed on Marvi`s side (not sure how Cules knew this) and when Marvi leaped into the bed, he come down on top of the ironing board and man I am glad I was not there to hear what come out of his foul mouth! Cules you legend!

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