Friday, July 31, 2009

Mail from France!

I have had a busy couple of weeks, hence the delay in updating the Blog, sorry Mariko! Regular updates will be done again!

I received my registration forms last week form AOI. I am getting very excited now. The forms that has been send through is a booklet with some info on the race, a registration form and the dreaded regulations book. It seems like there are a million rules and regulation, my head is spinning spinning! I have started going through it and will post it as I go along.

I now need to ensure I complete the registration and send it back to France before the end of September. I am required to undergo a compulsory medical check up and do ECG with a cardiologist. Not looking forward to that.....

I also need to pay the 2nd instalment of 900 Euros by the end of the September. I will pay the balance in January 2010. Hopefully I`ll have some sponsors on board by them. Everyone who is working on my sponsorships are currently on holiday, so things should be moving forward by the end of August! In Shalaa!

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