Friday, July 10, 2009

My first equipment purchase!

Today I went out and bought two pieces of equipment that I will be testing over the next couple of months I want to make sure I am 110% comfortable with my equipment as this could make or break you. I have done some extensive research with regards to shoes and have decided to go with Salomon XT wings and see if I am happy with them. I am a keen Asics supporter but I am looking forward running witht the XT Wings.

I have also bought a pair of Skins BioAcceleration Powersox which will serve 2 purposes, firstly to help me with calf muscle protection as I tent to suffer from calve cramps and couple months back I injured my right calve muscle. I am sure this is a good purchase!

So far I have spend:

Registration fee: DHS 2 000

Shoes: Dhs 495

Powersocks: Dhs 180

I will be keeping track of spending as I want to see how much moella I spend to get to the Sahara and the MDS! Every penny spend is going to be so worth it when I cross the finish line on 12th April 2010!

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