Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting out of the heat for a bit!

I have decided to take my running indoors a bit as the heat is getting really bad now. I am using the gym at Madinat where I am working, pictured left. I did my second treadmill run yesterday, over 10 km in 56 minutes burning 860 cals. I don't mind running indoors, just get a bit bored after running in one place for 60min!Thank the Lord for the invention of the Ipod! The other down side of running indoors is that I am not able to sing out louD!

Tomorrow morning I will do a 13km run to Madinat with Marxie at 5am. If we can do it in 80 minutes I `ll be stoked. I will be taking my back pack with as it has been a while since I ran with a bag. Hopefully the humidity will not be too heavy. I am so looking forward for the winter to start again. It will be perfect training conditions to get me ready for the Dubai Marathon and Wadi Bih run in February, more info to follow on this cool race!

I am also looking at doing some circuit training in the gym. Fi bought me Laird Hamilton`s book - Force of Nature- What an awesome book, will cover some of the book in the next post!

Played tennis with Fiona last night and Al Qsar. It was so hot and humid, we lasted for about 40 minutes before we threw in the towels! Fi showed me a thing or two about hitting return shots, the harder I played the harder she smacked it back at me! I am sure Fi had some secret lessons as she did not seem rusty at all!
So, I am praying this summer away!! Roll on winter!

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