Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scenic Run!

Tuesday and Thursday will now be known as Resort running day. Haydn (waterman legend) has suggested I mix things up a bit as I am going to get gatvol of running by Christmas time comes along. I am going to focus on cross training and mixing things up a bit. The run we did on Thursday was a 4K run at 6h15am and it was already freaking hot! The upside of it all is the location of the run. We head out the resort gate at Wild Wadi and head towards the Madinat Resort while running past the amazing Burj Al Arab hotel.

Working in the resort makes you blind to how pretty the place really is!! It was a really tough run to get through as we had no wind and a massive humidity (not sure what it was). I think what made the runner even more tougher was the thought of swimming the 360 meter lazy river against the current. For anybody who has not attempted this swim before, don't even bother because it is not easy. I hate swimming the current. It takes about 14 minutes on average to go around against the current and 4 minutes with the current! After the swim it took about 30 minutes just to cool down again as my body was over heating big time!!

The swimming will help with lung capacity and by the time this summer has passed I`ll be cruising to max fitness!!! Fiona has also looked up some races for us to take part in as prep for next year`s marathons, I will post a review them in the coming weeks as the season starts here in September 2009.

A quick shout out to one of our lifeguards who passed away this week. Rest in peace Andrey.

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