Saturday, July 18, 2009

Desert Delight.........Whatever!

Jebel Ali Desert Run Part 2

-17 July 2009-

Today we did a long run around the Jebel Ali hill which was pretty heavy. We left at 5h30pm and the temprature was around 39 degrees with the humidity at 66%! It is pretty hard to get your breathing under control with the humidity that high.

As soon as we enter the desert area we were approached by a security guy saying that we are not allowed to run through the area. The area is owned by Dubai World and is marked out for a housing development. I told the chap we will be heading out towards the houses on the right of the hill and knew that once we reach the hill there is no chance that they could get their car up there! Rebel runners!!!

Marxie coming down the hill.

This time around I brought the camelback along for the run!

During the run I could feel a blister forming on my left foot. I am not too worried about blisters, want to make my feet hard and I am sure once the shoes are a bit softer I `ll be fine. Today is rest day and it is also the start of the Tri Nations rugby with New Zealand vs Aussies!

Talking about New Zealand, my sister in law lives in Auckland and is following my blog! Thanks for the links you send for the gaiters and equipment, was really helpful.

I am looking forward seeing Mariko and Simon in November as they are getting hitched! I am definately bringing my running kit to NZ.

Back at work tomorrow, planning to walk in to work, it is about 13 km but I`ll take a backpack and weigh it down. I have been looking at backpacks and need to order my Hyperlight 30L backpack. This is a popular bag for the MDS and I want to start running with it as soon as I can.

Will go out today and have a look at getting a Garmin watch similar to Marxie`s.

We managed to run just over 11km in 1Hr20 minutes on challenging terrain!

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  1. Jeez what a run! cant believe the elevation, good workout thanks Duppie