Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A run to Hell and back.....

Yesterday I tested the Salomons in the desert near to where I lived. I ran at at 5:30pm and the temperature on the sand was very close to 40 degrees C!

Mariana decided to join me for part of the run. Marxie wanted to go do the MDS 2010 with me but unfortunately she could not do it this time around, maybe next time!

I managed to run 9.36km in about 1hr08min. During my run I made 3 observations: 1) No matter how acclimatized you think you are, always take water with you! (Marxie`s camelback saved me!), 2) Shoes will have to be very sand prove, I ran for just over an hour and the shoes where filled with sand, causing a small blister on my let foot, 3) Running across the Sahara for 6 days will not be easy.......Bring the Ipod along boy......

Mariana has bought a Garmin wrist watch and managed to pull the info from the watch and did the run profile on the left. I am defiantly getting on of these bad boys. You can get feedback on time, distance, elevation and then map it on Google Earth. This would be great to have for the MDS in April 2010. Fiona would be able to track my progress and upload this to the Blog on daily basis! (Thanks Babe!)


I like running in this area as it has many elevation variations as the rest of the tarmac roads in Dubai are completely flat! The area will be used for future developments.

I am always on the look out for Vipers as they are pretty dangerous, I always see the snake holes, think they might be dozing during the day! I also saw a desert hare sprinting across the sand, trying to keep up with me........whatever ek se.

I have decided to post a couple of pics of myself. I am currently weighing around 95kg and will be aiming to get this down to 80kg by April 2010. I have never weight this much in my life,so I am posting this as a challenge to myself to get back to the Ironman form I was in during my younger years! Go boet!

I got home and I was feeling so hot, I had to take my shirt of half way through my run which is a big NO NO here in Dubai, however, I was not in public view except for the 600 meters across the Gardens to get back home!

I will have to start looking at testing gaiters for my running shoes to keep sand out. My friend Anthony will be helping me to industrial glue from South Africa to glue Velcro to the shoes for the gaiters to attach to.

I will posted my weekly training progress!!!!

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