Thursday, July 23, 2009

A run with Fiona!

On the 2oth and 22nd July I went for a run with Fiona in the Jebel Ali Gardens. The first run we did was straight after work, got home at 11pm and we headed out for a late run. As always the humidity and heat was almost unbearable.
Fiona did really well and kept a steady pace around the 3.7km circuit and managed to go without taking any rest walks!

On the second outing the run felt much tougher as the humidity was very high and it felt like to were running at 2000ft above sea level. Fi is now contemplating running the Dubai Marathon early next year with me. This will be part of my prep for the MDS in April 2010.

I am now trying to mix up my training program by including gym work, swimming and biking as I am sure I will get very bored come December. I know it is important to add miles to the legs but I am going to focus on my general fitness as well as losing a couple of pounds which would make the running a bit easier as well!

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