Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marmot Atom Sleeping bag and Themarest sleeping mat

This is my most expensive piece of equipment! I am sure it will be worth every Dirham spent on it as it is the lightest sleeping bag I have ever felt. The sleeping bag is extremely light and is also as soft as silk. The minimum temprature rating for the bag is 2C which should be fine for my race as the nights do not get that cold (I hope!). I will start sleeping with the bag from next month and will also be testing my sleeping mat!

My sleeping mat is the Thermarest Fast and Light Prolight.I have actually opened the mat and tested it and I was very suprised by the support offered by this sleeping mat. This will be an essential companion to the sleeping bag to make the nights in the Sahara as comfortable as possible. I will make sure to sleep as many nights as possible before I leave for Morocco on the floor so to get used to the flat surface and combine that with early morning runs to get the body used to running while recovering from sleeping stiffness!

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