Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Raidlight BackPack

I was very excited over the particilar piece of equipment as this will be my most essential piece of equipment as I will carry everything I need for the 7 days inside and outside of it. I looked at various brands and in the end it was a close call between the Raidlight bag and Salomon. I did a fair bit of research on this and in the end I found more people have used the Raidlight and I think it is the most popular bag in the the MDS. The problem I faced was to determine which size would be suitable for my needs and after some research I opted for the 24 liter bag which has a 20L bag and 4L front bag. I patiently waited for the bag to be delivered and when it arrived I got a nice little surprise, the bag is to small for all my equipment and I was over optimistic. It was back to the internet and I placed my second backpack order for a 30L Raidlight backpack - see below...

I am now just waiting for this backpack to arrive from France and I`ll start working on packing configurations to determine the best packing options. I am sure this bag will have ample space for my needs I as I did not want to get to Morocco and have a bag that is too small and I start feeling uncomfortable with the bag ect. Will post more info on the backpack as soon as it arrives here in sunny Dubai!

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