Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where is my Raidlight bag??

I have been very good in getting my equipment order in as early as possible to give me some time to get familiar with the equipment and adjustments. When my first batch of equipment arrived I hurried across to the Dubai Central post office just to be frustrated to the max and seeing exactly how not to operate a post office. Inshalaa se moer.

The first raidlight bag I received was a 24l bag and I was a bit optimistic on the size and ordered another one, a 30 liter backpack which will be suitable for my requirements as I did not want to go there with not enough provisions seeing that this will be my first MDS. I received a notification from Likey`s that my new bag has been send and today I went to the post office for round 2 of post office horrors. After standing in numerous lines and speaking to at least 6 people they figured out my bag has been send back to the UK and no one can tell me why? Seriously........ Nothing in Morocco could possibly be as hard as dealing with the UAE postal services.

Sue from Likey`s will have the bag send back as soon as she gets it, so I am being pressed for time as I would like to have the bag double stitched and start working on packing combinations, so fingers crossed that the bag arrives sooner rather than later...........

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