Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blisters and missing toe nails!

Over the last couple of weeks I have really started feeling comfortable with my running. I can breeze through 20k`s with not too much effort and I believe my frame of mind is sound for the MDS. I have also been running without socks in the desert and have developed only two little blisters on each foot near the bridge of both. Nothing serious and not really bothering me, just need to wash the shoes after every run as there is so much sand and blood it looks terrible!

Hayd`s got me to run without socks and this is definitely working as I can feel my feet adjusting very well with not too many issues. The other problem is that I am losing two toe nails on my right foot and the one is almost completely fallen off. Like I said before, I rather get my feet as tough and hard as possible and hope to face no real issues when in Morocco.

I cannot believe how close departure day is, little over a month and two weeks till race day. In the coming weeks I have to apply for my French, Morrocan and British visas. What a pain it is being a travelling South African. I still curse 1970`s National Party for making life so complicated for all of us! Suppose I should look at it as part of the experience getting to the sands on Morocco. This year will be the 25th Edition of the MDS and I am sure we will be blown away by the organisers as they are labelling this as the greatest race in the 25 year history. I am sure there will be plenty sand stages, and hopefully the weather plays along and it is not too hot.

Summer is slowly creeping back here with the average temperature hovering near the 30`s. I dont mind the heat too much as I enjoy a good sweaty workout. Today I went out at midday and the weather was very pleasant. I headed out into the desert and managed my first run with full kit barring a couple of minor items. I felt very comfortable with the bag and after sorting out the front bag from bouncing all over the place, I was very comfortable. Tomorrow I`ll be running the RAK 21km with Fiona and will wear full kit for this run and just take it easy with Fi and get her through the race. This will be Fi`s first 21k`s and I am looking forward running this with her. She is a good runner but does not chat as much as my other running partner Haydn!
I also wanted to thank everyone for their donations to the Els for Autism Foundation, we slowly creeping up to the $10 000 mark! Keep em coming, you all rock!

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