Friday, August 7, 2009

Early Morning run with Mariana

Today I ran with Mariana at 5am from the Jebel Ali Gardens to Madinat. I took the backpack for the run, but still not loving it, dreading the thought of carrying the 30 L Raidlight for 6 days fully stocked. One of the issues I think I`ll face is the straps rubbing on my neck. I am constantly adjusting the straps to move them from my neck. Will figure this out when I get the race bag.

The run started at 5am and the heat was not too bad. As we crossed Sheikh Zayed highway we got a nice little breeze coming on the sea which helped a lot. We started strong and push on till we got to the Marina walk. Mariana is not a fan of this area as it over cobble stone pavements, I am also not a fan of this run as it is so boring. Feels like you running in a straight line forever.

When we passed the 6km mark I needed to use the loo and popped into the Le Meridien Mina Siyahi. The chaps at concierge did not even say good morning, maybe they were shocked by the sweaty runner rushing in for a nunber 2! When we got back on the road I started getting stomach cramps, and vomited one next to the road. I was feeling a bit green, not sure what caused this, got a feeling it might be the Milton I am using to clean the Camel Back. With about 3km left I felt a bit better and was relieved to reach Madinat after 80 minutes on the road.

No blisters, the Salomon`s running nicely now, got used to the little bit of extra weight onthe shoes!

Tomorrow I `ll hit the pool and gym, try some of Laird`s circuit training! Then later in the avi we will be heading across to Haydn`s for some Tri Nations agaist the Aussies. Hope my Boks can make it 3 in a row against one of our biggest rugby enemies!

Ama Bokke Bok!

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