Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Morning Run - 15,3km

On Friday morning I set out for a long run as the plan was to run to the Palm Island with Mariana, but a breakdown in communication meant that we did not manage to hook up and had to do two separate runs.

I am looking at increasing my weekly distances as the weather is slowly improving which is making the runs much more enjoyable! I decided to run through the Jumeirah Lake Towers which would take me through to the Springs and Meadows, a nice greener part of town with running paths and then head back home through the desert.

When I entered the desert area after 10km I realized that the area is very busy with construction and that running through would be a bit of a challenge. I did not want to turn around and run home because I would be right into the sun and wind, so I opted for the desert run. After a few obstacles of nails in the sand, a bulldozer and walking across a hole with about a 10 meter drop over a thin beam, and filling my shoes with mud, I made it across to the other side!

Once I enter the desert bit between the construction site and home I managed to pick up the pace again and finish off a tough morning run. Below is a link to Garmin with details of my run!

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Friday Morning Run

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