Sunday, August 23, 2009

Run Dup Run

After coming back from Bab Al Shams I have done about 50km which is not too bad. I am really hoping that the heat would go away soon as I am really in need of running in some cooler weather.

About 5 days ago I went into the desert area near where we live and walked/run/walked for 2hours and 15 minutes. i paked the Salomon with about 6kg and I could feel the difference betweent the weight of my camelback compared to the 6kg`s in the bag. During the MDS I `ll start the race with about 13kg`s....

I walked a good deal of the time as the sand was very very soft and powdery.After about 15 minutes in I had to stop and empty my socks as the shoes could not keep out the powder sand. I was amazed with how much sand entered my shoes, I`ll need to start testing gaiters pretty soon.

Arno is staying with us for a while and he is doing the longer runs with me. Two days ago we did a hill session which was pretty hard due to the fact that we were sheltered from the wind for most of the run which caused us to over heat a bit. Arno has a massive blister with bruising after about 4 running socks will not do buddy......

I was planning to attent a yoga session this evening but I am very tired to be honest. The shift work is not helping as I am getting home at 10h30pm and then back up again for 6am and throw in the summer weather and an attempt at training and you get a pretty tired boytjie. I will try and balance the training and work hours better, so the sooner the winter pulls in the better for me. I should be able to double weekly running distance once the weather cools down.

Tomorrow I am doing a photo shoot for an article that will be featuring in the Xpress Newspaper next weekend. I have emailed every newspaper and magazine here in Dubai to try and feature my run and autism awareness. This would also help me with getting exposure with regards to attracting possible sponsors!

Otherwise all is good, just need to get over this tiredness and keep my head up and run my hart out! Run Dup Run!

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