Sunday, January 3, 2010

Equipment Order 2010

Happy New Year to everyone who has been following my blog over the last couple of months and motivating me to prepare and share my MDS experience with you. In terms of my prep work for the run of my life I am nearing the finishing stages as I am putting my equipment order tomorrow. I will also pay the final EUR 2200 that will get me into this race and then I am almost set, just need to ensure I put the miles in and the meters will look after themselves. I have started dreaming about the race again like I did at the start of my idea to run this mega race! I must admit the dreams are all good so that`s a good sign I believe. All I need to do now is run as much as possible between now and April 2.

My equipment that I will order tomorrow includes the following items:

Raidlight Evo 2 Back Pack with front bag

Marmot Atom Sleeping bag

Thermarest Fast and Light Sleeping Mat

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

Silva Field 7 Compass

Anti Vemon Pump Kit

Signalling Mirror

Injini Performance Socks

Raidlight Bottles and Raidlight Water Bottle Holders

Dermatone Lips and Face Balm

Two Piece Tyvek Desert Suit


Stove Esbit

Solid Fuel Esbit

50cL Mess Tin


I will also be sourcing other items like to first aid kit and survival sheet here in Dubai. I am still trying to get a kit supplier and will be hooking up with Steve Cooper from GO Sport and hopefully have good news! I also need to make a final desision on a running shoe, not too sure if I am 100% happy with the Salomons? I am alos looking for a good suncharger set to be able to charge the Ipod and my GpS unit. Once I have finalized my kit list I will post it on the blog. Tomorrow I will also go and have a look at sunglasses to run with and I have Wiley X in mind as they offer very good protection and is US military certified. Will keep you posted! Keep forwarding the donation link for the Els foundation and encourage your friends to sponsor my run and help fight Autism!

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