Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The 25th MDS 2010

In October,, Mr Patrick Bauer was with his "fine" team of patrollers. Setting off to survey the area for the creation of the “famous” 25th MDS course, we were able to glean a comment for future participants:

"Exclusively for the darbaroud.com website, I can reveal and confirm what numerous competitors have imagined for the 2010 edition! Yes indeed, the course, which is still made up of 6 stages, has been slightly extended to reach a total of 250 km - the 25th anniversary requires this! The itinerary will be packed with the most beautiful sites in the Saharan provinces. The menu will include dunes, mountains, dried up lakes, regs, oases and ... more dunes!"

I am so excited! Can`t wait for April 2010~!

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