Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awesome Media Coverage

From the beginning it was my intention to raise as much awareness for autism as possible by approaching the media and I have had some good success in spreading the word on autism and how people can help. This last week was a good week as I was featured in the Dubai Timeout as well as on the MDS Official website. I hope this will spark the donations back to life as we have just reached $ 2000 and still some way to go till we reach $10 000. Here`s the links to my run coverage:

I am looking forward getting 92Fm and Mens Fitness involed early in the new year and as we get closer to April. I am also in the process of approaching sponsors again and will submit my applications early in the new year, hope some good Samaritan comes to the party soon!

I am also finalizing my race kit and will be ordering this all in the next couple of day! Very excited!

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