Friday, January 15, 2010

First Batch of Equipment!

Hi! This week has been very exciting as I have been covering very good mileage and my legs are feeling really good. I am also running with Brooks Ghost 2 running shoes and they are absolutely amazing. This is the lightest shoe I have ever worn that gives full support as the majority of the runs were done off road.

I also did a 21km trail run in 2hrs3min and is very happy with the time. My legs adjusted well and I must say running off road is doing wonders for my legs muscles!

My equipment arrived from Likey`s and I would definitely do business with them again! Very efficient! Cant say the same for the post office and customs this side, as I would like to keep my blog clear of any nasty words!!!

I will be doing a full summary of my equipment as soon as I receive my final package from France. Now I need to get my visa sorted for Morocco as ZAF citizens needs permission to enter............

Also apologies for the delay in updating the blog, we moving house and have limited access to the world wide web! Will try and update as soon as possible. Thanks for the support so far as we moving closer to Morocco 2010 very fast!

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