Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Long Run.

When I did the Marathon des Sables in Morocco last year, I thought that I will never become so emotionally involved in a run again, ever. But with a just over a week to go before the run, my mind is all over the place with race thoughts and stategies I will need to follow to finish this beast.

The torn hipflexor muscle has put me back quite a bit, and if it was any other race I dont think I would have done the race. I feel a bit under cooked with regards to Km's on my legs, so I am pretty sure it will be a long tough day for me come next Sunday. I will need to draw on my MDS experience to get me through the day, and the good thing of the Comrades vs MDs is that it is only one day, 89km, done.

I am aiming to to run the race between 11 and 11:30 hrs, and would be super stoked if I get in before the 12 hours cut off.

I am leaving for Durban on the 25th May and will fly directly into Durbs. I am joined by my good friend Mariana, who's sister will also take part in the Long run this year. All that is left now is to get my thoughts in order and focus on everything positive. I will finish this race.

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