Thursday, May 26, 2011

Building up to the Big Day!

Woke up early this morning at 4am and I am not sure if it is nerves or the 2 hour time difference between the UAE and South Africa! As you know I came with a good friend Mariana, her sister Lynette is also running the Comrades this coming Sunday. We are staying in Umhlanga and at 7h30am this morning we set off for a run in the rain and wind and it was very good on the legs. I am trying to save my legs as much as possible but still keep them moving every day.

We headed along the beach towards the town center and stopped in at the Vida Cafe for a well deserved coffee as we were freezing our bums off! After a 5 minute coffee break we headed back towards the apartment and decided to explore a trail near where we live. Running in Africa is so good for my soul and I and happy that in a couple of months we will be back for good, and I can get out there and get my running fix again!

Running in the UAE limits you a lot as it is very seasonal. When I left to come to Durban it was already 44 degrees during the day, making running very unpleasant, Night time runs are not much better as it hovers around the 30s and humidity is at its peak between 60 and 80%. So coming home and being able to run in nature in cooler tempretures is a blessing! You feel so alive when you in Africa, it is great for you soul!

This afternoon we went to the Expo to have a squizz around and pick up my race pack. My race number for Sunday is 12496 and after opening the race pack I realized this is it, I am now part of the Greatest race on earth, the Ultimate Human Race, the Comrades Marathon! I am feeling very relaxed at the moment but I am sure come Saturday evening I will be full of butterflies. I will run my own race, and the only goal on the day is to finish. Any time set will be used to measure myself when I return for my next race.

Often people ask what is next after completing a race like this, well, it is simple, I want a green Comrades race number. This means you have completed 10 Comrades Marathons, and your race number becomes yours for life, no one will ever wear that number again. So that is my next goal!!! Gooi mielies!

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