Friday, May 27, 2011

I am ready....

Second last day before the Big C! It is unbelievable how fast this day is getting closer, the last few months dragged a bit, and now we heading towards Sunday like a freight train...I am trying to focus on positive outcomes as much as possible, it is very easy to lose focus and be negative about the whole race, thinking about cut off times, pace vs time, comfort levels ect. I am being a Zen as possible!!

This morning I went back to Gateway mall for a little walk and some coffee. As I was waiting in line at Vida I bumped into John Smith, South African rugby captain. This was a nice little surprize and I took a photo with him.We chatted about the Comrades for a while and about my autism charity. He is a true gentleman.

I got home around lunch and headed into town for some pasta and a few beers, carbo loading made easy! Later in the arvi I got home and slept for an hour or so. I finished my day with a long walk along the Umhlanga beaches and I am feeling very settled and calm. I am ready.

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