Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Race distance for the 2010 Marathon Des Sables confirmed.....

With the race less than 5 months away the official distance for the 2010 edtion has been released. The race distance will be 250km. The stage route however is not released and will be kept a secret till the day of the stage. In my mind 250km does not sound to far to be honest, and I think that is the right attitude to have. I have always said that I will not be intimidated by the distances and I am looking forward to the long stage that could be anywhere between 70km - 90km.

I suppose it will all come down to the conditions during the race. I am hoping and praying for cool conditions as this will definately help. But if it is hot in April I will just have to deal with it as I have perfect training conditions on this side! I got an email from Phil Carpenter in the UK who`ll be over next month for business and hope to get a run in with him as he would like to test shoes and gaiters. I hope he would be able to bring out a set of gaiters for me as they do not stock this here in the UAE. Imagine, all this sand and no gaiters........

So the magic number is 250km!!!! Bring it on.

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