Sunday, March 6, 2011

Less than 3 months to Comrades 2011

I have been a bit slack with updating the blog and I will now make sure I update the blog as much as possible. After the Dubai Marathon I decided to take a little break from running as it can get a bit much after the MDS and Comrades lurking. I managed to qualify for the Comrades, goal 1 for 2011 achieved, next was to go to SA and enjoy a 2 week holiday. Any running I did while on holiday was purely for pleasure and not for Comrades.

A of the 1 March 2011 I picked up the Comrades training again with 3 months before the big day. First bit of bad news is that my Comrades running partner, Haydn Holmes is out with a bad ankle that will not heal in time to give Haydn enough time to prepare for the race in May. I am pretty bummed out as I am sure the Comrades with have been a big stoke for Holmsy to finish, but I suppose there is always next year. Hope you recover quickly Hayd's and get back on the road soon brother.

In posts to follow I 'll talk about my new NEwton running shoes, Vibram 5finger Bikila's, and the running bible, Born to Run.

I will leave you with a bit of inspiration for 2011!

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