Friday, January 7, 2011

First Run of 2011 in the bag!

Towards the last couple of days in 2010 I made my new year running resolutions, first to have a fitness assessment done to be able to track and monitor my progress as I prepare for the Comrades. However, my body had other plans for me, from the 1st January 2011 I was struck down with manflu of note and it took me 6 days to get rid of the cold. 6 Days of the new year lost!

Yesterday I felt strong enough to attempt an easy 5km and I ended up running 15km in relative comfort, giving myself a very good mental boost! I only have two weeks to get ready for the Dubai Marathon that will serve as our Comrades Marathon qualifier. Need to run the 42k in under 5 hours. I hope we will be able to breeze through it without too much difficulty as this will be my Comrades partner`s first Marahton attempt. I have no doubt that Haydn will apply his mental strenght and endurance sport background well in order for us to meet the 5 hour mark.

So, 2011 is now in full swing and I am looking forward to a great year on the run!

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