Monday, September 7, 2009

Roll on September!

September, my absolute favourite month(except for April which is my birthday month!) of the year. Every year back home in South Africa, September marks the beginning of spring time, and this is celebrated throughout the country as a new beginning. Everything is springing back to life after a long cold winter and everywhere people are celebrating this and you can smell the new life in the air.

Living here in Dubai is very different to home, this time of the year the summer is slowly creeping away and unlike other parts of the world we are welcoming the winter to return to the Gulf. The summers here are long and unforgiving with many dusty and humid days. I am so stoked this summer is almost out the back door, but also very greatful that this has been a relatively easy summer to content with! Roll on winter!

Well, at this stage of September I am not too stoked as this will be a bit of a heavy month for me. Firstly, my trusted of Ipod Nano has said cheerio, see you later due to sweat and humidity! The last ever song I listened to on my Ipod was the Crash Tests Dummies `s Superman song, will miss you lots Ipod! Thanks for the hours of entertainment and keeping me company on the road! Hope I can find a suitable replacement for ya!

Secondly, I have to pay a 1000 Euros deposit as part on my next instalment and so far no sponsors have come on board. I hope this change soon as I am meeting a media representative next week and I will also feature in the next edition of the Express news paper. Come on Murry and Roberts, help out a fellow South Africa!!

Thirdly, I had a sunspot removed from my head yesterday. For a couple of weeks this has been itchy and the dermatologist suggested we removed it and have it tested to make sure it is not a bady. I now have a 4 stitch long cut on the back off my pip and had to shave all my hair! I must say I was a bit shocked when I saw the sizs of the skin removed from my head, about the same size as my thumb nail......Eina.

I am not allowed to get any sweat in the cut till Wednesday at least so now running , I hope things get a bit better soon! I need to run!

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