Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mariana`s Desert run experience

I asked Mariana to put here experience of our desert run on paper as I would like to share it with you guys! Thanks for taking the time MArxie!

So when Adam asked me to join him for the run, i was a bit hesitant. I
was scared. Not sure if i could manage the distance in extreme conditions and terrain. I entered the Dubai Marathon 2010 which will be my first marathon ever, and if i can do that under 5 hours i will qualify to enter the Comrades Marathon, which I have been challenged to do with my sister and cousin. So with my preparation for the marathon the furthest i have ran on one day was around 15 km.

What the heck I am off for a few days and I think i can do the distance. I called Adam and said "Im in".

We were ready to start at 7:15 am, me only carrying a 1.5l camelback. Adam carrying all the supplies about 10 kg-water, oranges,mars bars, biltong etc.

We started by running the first 10kms- about 3km into the run, we stopped because the bag leaked. One of the water bottles had a small leak. So we just drank that 1.5l- lesson #1, make sure you use proper bottles. On the road again we went off road until we reached 10km and rested by a tree and had a banana for breakfast, this is here where we realized the 2nd water bottle is also leaking and the Isostar. Water was GOLD at that stage. We filled our camelbacks with the remaining water, knowing that we will need to go easy on water. Im not to sure how much water one should drink but i took a sip every kilometer-like a reward. The Isostar bottled was saved by a Band-Aid plaster.

When we hit the tar road we did sections of running and walking-at one stage Adam checked the temperature and it was around 42 degrees. At 18km we stopped again by a tree which looked like a snakes heaven, I felt something crawling on my leg, it was some type of an insect-i freaked out-Im such a girl. Here we finished the Band-Aid Isostar and shared an orange(it reminded me of the halftime oranges when I was playing netball at school)

On the road again, just one long straight road ahead. So our plan was to go to Arabian Ranches and take a taxi back to BAS,but we went for plan b and got a lift back with a Machang from Sri Lanka. Bit nervous because we were sitting like sardines in a can next to the windscreen and this Machang was driving 140km/h. So he dropped us at the 10km mark back to BAS, again off road.

I was just focused on my water supply. That last 8 km felt like eternity, with the sun directly at us and the water boiling hot.
I was dreaming of an ice cold can of coke. We still had a lot of food supplies in the bag, but i could not even think of eating, just wanted liquids.

We finished 28 km later and I got my reward, ice cold can of Coke, which i downed like in 2 seconds! If i need to do it again i will focus more on eating something solid, wearing different shoes(had too much sand inside)and starting earlier.

Adam thanks for inviting me with, i have been living in the UAE for 7 years and it was the first time i really connected with the desert.

Good luck with your race.

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