Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have jinxed myself......Just a week ago I was telling a friend how well my knees have been keeping up with all the running and then the pain hit me!

I went out for a run a couple of days ago and felt a bit of pain above my left knee. Last year I had surgery done on the knee to repair ACL`s damaged due to rugby. I managed to run for 45 minutes but never felt comfortable. Then the day before I went out and as soon as I started running I had a sharp pain under the knee cap and tried to push through bit the pain got worse. I turned back to go home and I felt the knee feeling better and tried running again, and the same happened.

I will rest the knee for a couple of days and try again. If not better I`ll hit the pool and gym for a while and see if the rest will help the knee.

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