Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Remember what is most important....

Found this on a MDS finisher`s blog and this is very fitting to get you through the 6 days in the desert!

This is me,and this is what I do!

Today I came back from work feeling a bit flat but decided that I need to get back on the road. I have not ran for a a week due to work and I immediately changed as soon as I got home. I got home as the sun was going down and headed out with about 20 minutes worth of day light left. I started of nicely with a slight discomfort in the left knee and this went away around the 3k mark.

I set a target of running a sub 1 hour 10km and what made this a bit harder was the fact that after about 5km it was completely dark and I was running on a dirt road near the Jebel Ali hill. I maintained the pace and did the 10k`s in 59 minutes flat and continued to run another 2 and a bit k`s before arriving back at home. I managed a 12.39k`s in 72 minutes and when I got upstairs I was feeling so good, think I had runners high! I almost went back out again to run the route backwards!

I am very concious as to why I am doing this race. Autism. I am not doing this for my own glory or to prove something to myself, no, this is for everyone suffering from autism and I want to world to know about this disorder. If you are reading this, please help me spread the word and forward this to runners and non-runners, and spread the word. You can also make a donation to the Els foundation on the left hand side of the posts.